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          Liberty Baptist Church supports missionaries who are taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. We support these missionaries with our prayers as well as financially, as they fulfill the will of God on their respective mission field.

          Our church frequently has missionary speakers as we endeavor to maintain a heart and vision for world-wide missions.


Brian George

Missionaries to Argentina

Brother George and his wife Liesl are missionaries to Tucuman, Argentina.  They have five children:  Benjamin, Samuel, Ezequiel, Elizabeth, and Rose.


Doug Claypool

Missionaries to Sao Tome

Brother Claypool and his wife Amanda are missionaries to Sao Tome and Principe, Africa.  They have three children:  Morgan, Kaitlyn, and Sean.


Warren Storm

Missionaries to Bus Ministry

Brother Storm and his wife JaryLynn are missionaries to the bus ministries of independent, fundamental, separated Baptist churches.


Chris Hilmer

Missionaries to Canada

Brother Hilmer and his wife Christine are missionaries to Quebec, Canada.  They have two children, Timothy and Melissa.


Ed Johnson

Missionaries to Brazil

Brother Ed Johnson and his wife Maribel are missionaries to Brazil.  They have two children, Abigail and Daniel.


Andres Amoros

Missionaries to Dominican Republic

Brother Amoros and his wife Dora serve as missionaries in the Dominican Republic.  They have three children, Endhy, Liliana, and Caleb.

Chris Yetzer

Missionaries to Italy

Chris and his wife Amy are missionaries to the people of Italy. In 2007, they started the Grace Baptist Church in Milan. They have two children, William and Ann.


Daniel Fried

Missionaries to Jewish People

Dr. K. Daniel Fried and his wife Rebecca are missionaries to Jewish people.


Bob Ford

Missionaries to Bearing Precious Seed

Brother Bob Ford and his wife Marie are missionaries with Bearing Precious Seed.


Jim Jones

Missionaries to Rock of Ages Prison Ministry

Brother Jim Jones and his wife Carol minister to prisons in Northeastern United States through Rock of Ages Prison Ministries.


Jason Lowe

Missionaries to Bahamas

Brother Jason Lowe and his wife Heather are missionaries to the Bahamas.  Their children are Audrey, Ian, Aiden, and Ethan.


Walter Poole

Missionaries to Cambodia

Brother Walter Poole and his wife Suni serve as missionaries in Cambodia.  They have two children, Joseph and Jerusha.  


Keith Price

Missionaries to Romania

Brother Keith Price and his wife Brenda serve as missionaries to Romania.


Jim Reynolds

Missionaries to Sicily, Italy

Dr. Jim Reynolds and his wife Elizabeth are missionaries to Sicily, Italy.


Eddie Wilson

Missionaries to World wide

Brother Eddie Wilson shares the Gospel worldwide through electronic media.  He serves with his wife Misty and children Skyler and Titus.


Micah Christiansen

Missionaries to Ghana

Micah and Abbie Christiansen are missionaries with Team Ghana in West Africa.

Pastor Brett and Amber Horsman 

Pastor Brett Horsman founded Grace Baptist Church of Waukee, Iowa.

He serves with his wife Amber and son Jasper.


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