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      He is a soul winner. He is a friend. He is a Bible lover. He is a man of prayer. He is a reader. He is a hunter. He is a scholar. He is a preacher. He is a fun and loving husband and daddy. He is a teacher. He is a poet. He is a loyal son. He is a follower. He is a leader. He is a writer. He is a jokester. He is a thinker. He is a servant. He is a faithful pastor and Sunday School worker. He is teachable. He is a counselor. Multi-faceted, multi-talented, this red-haired bundle of energy is a laid back philosopher. If this sounds unusual to you, you are getting the right idea. When the 17-year old  Bill McSpadden appeared in my speech class at Hyles-Anderson College, I perceived him to be a certain type of person only to find he added to his life costumes, surprise entrances and anything else that was needed to make the “A” he had been used to earning in his courses. And, add to his life he did – not just for a one-semester speech course, but for the rest of his life! That is the story of his life. If Bill McSpadden needs to get something done for a right reason and he doesn’t feel that task is exactly “Bill McSpadden,” he will find a way to make it “Bill McSpadden.”


Dr. Bill McSpadden

Pastor of Liberty Baptist Church 

Rochester, Indiana

If this is the type of pastor who might intrigue and fascinate you, you will love Liberty Baptist Church. Pastor and Mrs. McSpadden have been married for more than 30 years and have five children all of whom are faithful Christians serving the Lord in one capacity or another.

Pastor McSpadden has served the Lord full time for more than 35 years as pastor, college president, college professor, bus worker, Sunday School teacher, Sunday School superintendent, etc.

I no longer know what Bill enjoys doing most. I used to think he was happiest reading in the woods with a gun by his side just in case a deer walked by. Brother McSpadden has added to his life as he had been called upon to meet needs until I am not sure that he considers what he likes to do best enough for any of us who work with him to know for sure.

-Dr. Marlene Evans  *written by Mrs. Evans before she went to be with the Lord.

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